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This project is a tribute to the 1980's classic arcade game. Pacman maneuvers around the screen eating dots, while avoiding the ghosts who are chasing him.

See it live!

Features & MVP's

  • User controls pacman with the keyboard
  • Pacman eats dots for points
  • Ghosts have an AI to chase pacman, increasing in difficulty after each level
  • Sound effects played for various events, including for eating dots and dying


  • Vanilla javascript for game logic
  • HTML5 Canvas for game rendering
  • Web Audio API for sound effects
  • Webpack for bundling script files

Implementation Timeline

Day 1:

  • Get file structure up and running with Webpack
  • Draw game space with Canvas
  • Draw boundaries with tiles in the canvas element
  • Get a moving object and try to have collision detection happening with the drawn boundaries

Day 2:

  • Get sprites for pacman in the game and moving around
  • Add ghosts sprites and get them to chase pacman around

Day 3:

  • Add dots to the game
  • Get pacman to eat the dots, and increase points for each dot eaten
  • Add large dots that turn the ghosts blue

Day 4:

  • Use web audio api to load sound effects
  • Synchronize sounds with game events
  • Polish up web page look