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Senior / Mid-Level Backend Developer - Budapest

If you have a solid JavaScript knowledge and you are eager to learn... Come and help us turning ideas to products that people love.

We're looking for passionate Backend Developers who are not afraid to experiment with the latest technologies.

You'll work with the techs we all love - Node.js, PostgreSQL, Redis, APIs, Heroku and much more.

To be able to deal with that, we expect you to have / be:

  • Great JavaScript/TypeScript knowledge
    • ES6 and beyond
    • TypeScript
    • Promises/Observables
    • Generator functions
  • Solid experience with version control (Git)
  • Be comfortable with the UNIX shell
  • Experience with at least one cloud service (Heroku / AWS / Azure / App Engine)
  • S.O.L.I.D coding
  • Understanding of the HTTP and TCP/IP protocols, WebSockets.
  • Experience with building APIs with REST / GraphQL technologies
  • Database know-how
    • Relational/NoSQL/Document based
    • PostgreSQL and Redis
    • Normalization, database planning, relationships
    • ORM concepts
  • Be able to build scalable applications with Node.js
    • Understanding the event loop, blocking and asynchronicity.
    • Experience with pub/sub, queues
    • Caching, Cache warmup
    • Understand clustering / load balancing Node.js apps
    • Be comfortable with Node.js streams / RxJs
  • Be able to write testable code
    • Jest
  • Good communication skills in english

Are you ready for the challenge?

Apply or Learn more about Budacode

The Perks:

  • Salary for skills
    We think everyone's salary shall be equal to his skills and needs; therefore we revisit your compensation package every 6 months to keep it updated with your real values!

  • Home office
    Some prefer, some not but it is okay for us to work from home (or wherever you like), just drop a message, be available online and you're done!

  • Flexitime
    Are you a night-owl or an early bird? No problem for us! At Budacode, you can work flexible hours because -we believe- you know better when you're more productive - and not the alarm clock.

  • Learn&Share
    Our successes guarantee is the know-how and developer excellence; therefore we not just inspire everyone to learn and grow themselves but it is one of the foundation of our company values. We do our best to assure you every opportunity for you to grow as a developer, not just by dedicated annual learning budget , but with conference tickets, online courses, books, or whatever necessary.

  • Confs and Community
    Would you like to attend a conference here or abroad? Or do you have an interesting topic to give a talk? We'll make sure you'll have the time to attend or prepare for that! (We visited 4 confs just last year.)

  • Good ol' Budapest!
    We've done our best to cut the time you'd spent on commuting. Our office is located in the center of the town (near Kolosy).

  • Environment
    On your first day, you receive your 'welcome package,' that includes:

    • company MacBook
    • dual monitors
    • Budacode outfit (t-shirt, sweater, pens, notes, bc cards)
    • nerfgun (most important!) You need something else to power up your workspace? We take care of that.
  • Fresh and Cosy
    We are not a big mammoth corporation - nor we act like one! We are a team of young professionals who prefer

    • coding instead of sitting on meetings all day
    • grab a beer and having fun all night long instead of attending to 'corporate teambuilding' events organized by so-called-experts,
    • wearing shirts and shorts instead of crazy company dress-codes
    • rolling over to the colleague when having a question instead of 'open a support ticket.'

Are you ready for the challenge?

Apply or Learn more about Budacode