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The buddycloud API server written in Node.js
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Install documentation is at

Realtime connection

A websocket (using the xmpp-ftw interface can be found at $server/scripts/buddycloud.js. This exposes a global object called Buddycloud which you can instantiate to give you a websocket connection.

Please see for more information on using this connection.


There is a docker image available for the API server. Configuration is currently passed via environment variables:

Configuration Example Description Required or default
XMPP_DOMAIN The XMPP domain for your server
XMPP_HOST The hostname or IP of your XMPP server
CHANNEL_COMPONENT The channel server component address
ANONYMOUS_COMPONENT An 'anonymous' component which can be used for open nodes null
MEDIA_ENDPOINT The endpoint for a media server null
PUSHER_COMPONENT The location of a pusher component null
FRIENDFINDER_COMPONENT The location of a friend finder component null
SEARCH_COMPONENT The location of a search component null
DISABLE_WEBSOCKET 0 Whether to disable the XMPP-FTW endpoint false
DEBUG 1 Whether to write additional debug to the logs false

Then simply launch the API server with the required environment variables as follows:

docker run -d -p 9123:9123 -e ..... buddycloud/api-server


Please log any issues at


For developing please see the config file named config.js.developer-example.

License and copyright

This code is Apache 2 licensed and copyright buddycloud.

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