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The buddycloud server written in Java.
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buddycloud Java Server implementation

A buddycloud server written in Java, implementing the buddycloud channels protocol.

Build status

Note this points to the main buddycloud repository for the java server.

Build Status

Database install

The java server purposefully uses the same database schema as the buddycloud node.js server. See here for database installation instructions

Build and run

  • install openjdk-6-jdk maven2
  • git clone
  • cd buddycloud-server-java
  • mvn package
  • Edit configuration files as required
  • Install database
  • `java -jar target/channelserver--jar-with-dependencies.jar

Manually create the buddycloud server database

# switch to the postgres user
sudo su - postgres

Create a database user and assign it a password (it will not work with a blank password);

createuser buddycloud_server --pwprompt --no-superuser --no-createdb --no-createrole

Then just proceed as follows, entering the password you picked whenever asked.

# create the database
createdb --owner buddycloud_server --encoding UTF8 buddycloud_server

# install the schema file (and all upgrade files)
psql -h -U buddycloud_server -d buddycloud_server < postgres/install.sql
psql -h -U buddycloud_server -d buddycloud_server < postgres/upgrade-1.sql
psql -h -U buddycloud_server -d buddycloud_server < postgres/upgrade-2.sql

Now we're done, but we must test that we can connect to the database and that the schema was installed appropriately.

psql -h --username buddycloud_server -d buddycloud_server -c "select * from nodes;"

If you got an output similar to (or exactly like) this, you're good to go.

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