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PostgreSQL schema

Installation instructions

When installing the server, you must first execute install.sql, then all the upgrade files in order, i.e. first upgrade-1.sql, then upgrade-2.sql, etc.:

psql -U <username> -d <db> < install.sql
psql -U <username> -d <db> < upgrade-1.sql

Upgrade instructions

If you need to upgrade the schema version after upgrading the server software, you'll need to be a little more careful.

First, stop the server and back up your DB. The simplest way to do this is to run pg_dump -c -U <username> <db> > backup.sql.

Then, read the version notes below: they will tell you what you need to take care of.

Once done you can apply the files needed for your upgrade: if your DB schema is currently version 3 and you need version 5, you will apply upgrade-4.sql and upgrade-5.sql but not upgrade-3.sql and below.

Version notes


  • This version adds a column and an index to the items table. This can take a long time.
  • Anonymous users: this will mark users looking like *@anon.* as anonymous users that can be removed from the DB. So if someone on your server is following anyone with a JID similar to *@anon.*, you will need to remove the "anonymous" flag for these subscriptions (UPDATE subscriptions SET anonymous=FALSE WHERE "user" LIKE '';)
  • Buggy entries in items table: a bug in sync caused subscription stanzas to be added to the items table (XML <query ...></query> and node ending with /subscriptions). They can (and should) be removed.
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