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Builds a Vagrant box containing a buddycloud instance

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buddycloud Vagrant Box

This set of scripts allows you to automatically build a virtual machine with the complete buddycloud stack installed, using Vagrant and Puppet. Its main use is as a development environment for buddycloud hackers.

Installation & Usage

First, make sure you have Vagrant (>= 1.1.x), Puppet and VirtualBox installed. If you use Ubuntu, run the following:

sudo apt-get install virtualbox virtualbox-dkms puppet rubygems
sudo gem install vagrant

Then, change to the buddycloud-vm directory and run:

vagrant up

This builds and starts up the virtual machine. The first time you do this, Vagrant will download a slimmed-down Ubuntu 12.04 base image as basis for the VM, so it may take some time. If everything is done, you can immediately start to use the buddycloud instance locally by pointing your browser at http://localhost:10080. For other mapped ports, see the Vagrantfile in the base directory.

Every vagrant up run updates all buddycloud components to the latest development version. You can explicitly update and restart the VM with vagrant reload.

To log into the VM with a shell, connect to it with

vagrant ssh

For more information, see the Vagrant documentation.

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