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<p>buddycloud channel are a completely new way to share online: Realtime, conversational, simple. Produce your own channel empire, express you ideas. Connect with your friends, your team or other thinkers and makers. You share what you are working on or thinking about with as few or as many people as you choose.</p>
-<h3>your privacy</h3>
+<h2>your privacy</h2>
<p>buddycloud's easy to understand privacy model and strong encryption keep you safe online.</p>
<p>Create a channel, share it with the world - or make it private and choose who can view it.</p>
<p>buddycloud is distributed by design: your data lives with you on your network. Simple.</p>
-<h3>your company’s privacy</h3>
+<h2>buddycloud for your company</h2>
<p>buddycloud helps your team take an idea, explore it and make things happen.</p>
<p>Keep information belonging to you or your company secure by running your own buddycloud inside your firewall. You control your company’s social network and links to other companies.</p>
-<h3>strong security built in</h3>
-<p>buddycloud comes with strong encryption built in. Stay secure online.</p>
<h2>buddycloud for developers</h2>

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