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#Conventions to keep us consistient

##Showing variables:

Denote variables with {variable name}

  • not :variable name
  • not :variable name:

eg: GET https://demo.buddycloud.org/api/{channelID}/media/{Mediaid}

##Channel types:

channel access: public and private

  • (not open, or closed)

##Nodes Use channel-nodes when referring to pub-sub nodes or nodes to give the developer context that these are part of a channel.

##Naming variables:

Variable Description
channelID (the JID-like part) we call it the channelID (not channel-name)
mediaID the id of a media object
username user's log in / their jid (we never mention jid)


Use examples from Romeo and Juliet. (not alice and bob). If you didn't study at school, use the following character list

Table headings

  • Capitalise table headings
  • arguments should be nicely code formatted eg: username
  • true and false not true and false


Argument Required Notes
username true Must contain a domain element that matches the virtual host.
password true The API is agnostic to password strength requirements.
email false An Email address to receive push notifications and password resets.

Apps not clients

  • wrong: A client might want to just show the latest 10 posts per channel
  • right: An app might want to just show the latest 10 posts per channel