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A javascript client to access buddycloud channels.

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Removing buddycloud. prefix from hosted domains
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Abmar Barros abmargb authored

buddycloud webclient

This is the buddycloud web software for buddycloud. This software uses the the buddycloud HTTP API

The code is based on


Setting up your webclient dev environment

git clone
cd webclient
cp <webroot>/config.js.example <webroot>/config.js
# to work against the buddycloud demo server:
edit <webroot>/config.js and set the baseURL to
edit <webroot>/config.js and set the homeDomain to
# install node.js
npm install
npm install -g grunt-cli
grunt build
grunt default
browse to http://localhost:3000

Building the compressed JavaScript and CSS files

cd webclient
npm install
grunt build

License and Copyright

This code is Apache 2 licensed and copyright buddycloud.

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