A11y Testing & Standards

Updated Aug 25, 2017

This project covers testing all templates/screens in Nouveau for Accessibility & Standards

Please note that we're looking here at a series of conditions covering Accessibility, Standards, & Document flow/ Appropriate Element choices:

1/ Strict accessibility requirements 'Aria roles' etc

2/ Visual styles and impairments

3/ Document flow & Standards including element choice i.e should this be a list, or if it's simple aggregating divs are these semantic? Can we change to something better? Or do we need to ensure additional Aria atts are used to provide that level of semantics and accessible help.

Browser / Device Testing

Updated Sep 5, 2017

This project covers testing of components in Phones, Tablets, Desktops

Given we are building a responsive fluid set of screens testing is to establish basic layout holds true and any JS/touch screen functionality works as expected or falls back gracefully.

To include: Phones = iPhone (latest) & Android (latest) Tablets = Portrait/Landscape iPad & Android Desktops = FireFox, Safari, Chrome

Components tested in groups e.g Messaging { mobile devices } { Desktops }

Cards to be selected and moved to 'In Progress' so we know not to double up on efforts.

When Issues found the card should be converted to a ticket and ticket clearly marked as to the device the issue occurred in and moved to 'Issues Found - converted to ticket' .

If tackling a ticket assign to yourself and ensure card is moved to 'Ticket In Progress'.

If no issues found the card is to be moved to 'Completed' where it will await signing off as finished.

Ajax / Javascript testing

Updated Aug 18, 2017

Testing of Ajax functionality by Component & Screen.

Move cards to 'In Progress' & 'completed'

Turn a card into a ticket if issues found and move to 'Issues Found' to be dealt with.

If dealing with a ticket please assign to self and move to 'Ticket In Progress'.

When ticket finished move to 'Completed' and mark/label ticket as resolved.

This project represents the overall progress of all milestones & tasks

General Tasks

Updated Aug 16, 2017

General tasks not falling into major specific categories.

These are ticket tasks needing attention but largely self contained issues that can be fairly easily completed and signed off.

Move completed tasks to pending sign off column.