Google Play Music console player for Linux and Windows
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This is my first Go program, I wanted to listen to Google Play Music on console, so I wrote a player. It is inspired by Matt Jibson's Moggio and uses one of his libraries. You can see it in action if you follow this link:

The features it has are:

  • scrobbling (use -lastfm flag)
  • populating a local database with the artists and albums you saved through the web interface (or by any other means)
  • searching within artists in the database
  • playing, pausing (buggy, I need help with it) , stopping, previous track, next track
  • the interface is Cmus rip off, I've only added a progress bar
  • this player no longer lists artists in random order - if you want to randomize them press R

In order to use this program you should be logged in in Google Play services on your phone, if you have no smartphone than this program, at its current state, is not for you

If you use 2-factor authorisation with your Google account, you will have to generate an app password, follow this link

The linux binary I release is not static, it depends on pulseaudio, if you want to build it from source, you are going to need the pulseaudio development package installed. Windows users are all set

If you have an x86 system, you'll have to compile it yourself, sorry

Contributions are welcome!

The keybindins are mostly the same as in Cmus:

Key Action
return, x play currently selected artist, album or song
c pause
v stop
b next track
z previous track
u synchronize the database (in case you added some songs in the web interface)
/ search artists
n next search result
tab toggle artists/tracks view
escape, q quit
up arrow, k scroll up
down arrow, j scroll down
Home scroll to top
End scroll to bottom
space toggle albums
R randomize artists


  • make the interface detachable (like MOC)
  • make the binary able to receive comand line arguments for controlling playback (next track, pause, etc)
  • implement search within the GPM global database
  • feature requests are welcome as well