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A collection of shell scripts to ease the use of i3wm
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src i3menu improved autopositioning Mar 14, 2019

i3ass - i3 assistance scripts

This is a collection of scripts I have made to assist the usage of the windowmanager known as i3wm.



If you are using Arch linux, you can install the i3ass package from AUR.

Or follow the instructions below to install from source:

(configure the installation destination in the Makefile, if needed)

$ git clone
$ cd i3ass
# make install
$ i3ass
i3ass - version: 0.002
updated: 2018-10-18 by budRich

script   | version
i3viswiz | 0.006
i3get    | 0.302
i3var    | 0.006
i3fyra   | 0.501
i3list   | 0.006
i3flip   | 0.013
i3Kornhe | 0.006
i3gw     | 0.147
i3run    | 0.011

bash      [INSTALLED]
gawk      [INSTALLED]
sed       [INSTALLED]
xdotool   [INSTALLED]

All the scripts that will be installed are located in the src directory of this repo, so you can also just add that directory or the scripts to your $PATH.

There is no oneline way to describe what i3ass does. And some of the scripts are rather complex. The links in the table below, will take you to the wiki page for the script.

file function
i3flip Tabswitching done right
i3fyra An advanced, simple grid-based tiling layout
i3get Boilerplate and template maker for bash scripts
i3gw a ghost window wrapper for i3wm
i3Kornhe move and resize windows gracefully
i3list list information about the current i3 session.
i3menu Adds more features to rofi when used in i3wm
i3run Run, Raise or hide windows in i3wm
i3var Set or get a i3 variable
i3viswiz Professional window focus for i3wm


Execute a script with the --help flag to display help about the command.

i3get --help display i3get help
i3get --version display i3get version
man i3get show i3get man page
i3ass show version info for all scripts and dependencies.




  • fix: improved autopositioning (negative xoffset works), less delay when invoked by mouse.

  • removed: test notifications.



  • fix: issue in resulting in wrong conid being returned.


  • fix: removed extra row in vertical menus.

  • fix: less twitchy moving of menu when invoked with mouse and off screen.

  • add: negative position argument for xpos and ypos


echo list | i3menu --xpos -10 --ypos -20 --width 200 --orientation vertical
this will result in a menu displayed at a position calculated from
the right and bottom edges of the screen.

if you really want the menu to appear at a "real" negative coordinate (to the left of the left screen edge or above the top), use: --xoffset or --yoffset:

echo list | i3menu \
    --xpos -0 \
    --ypos 0 \
    --width 200 \
    --orientation vertical \
    --yoffset -20 \
    --xoffset 30

 this would place the "top right corner" of the menu, 20 pixels above the active screen and 30 pixels to the right of the active screen.


grand reorganization of i3ass. created a new GitHub organization: i3ass-dev. Where all the i3ass scripts have it's own repo. It's on these repos development will be done from now on. This (budlabs/i3ass), will be the repo where all issues should be reported host the wiki and the installable version of i3ass. I think this will be great.

This repo also contains two fixes to issues reported by APotOfSoup: i3get reported wrong info when criteria was con_id. and i3flip was not moving containers at all (the latter issue is only partially fixed, moving in containers that are not tabbed or stacked with i3flip is temporarily disabled)

more i3get fixes: there where some issues related to special characters in title of a window, and a bug that made all class searching and fetching not work. both fixed now.

known issues

i3-msg restart breaks i3fyra, try to use i3-msg reload instead (it's faster and usually works just as good as restart).


i3ass is licensed with the MIT license

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