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The ASHRAE Great Energy Predictor III competition: Overview and results

This repository is for overview analysis of a paper about the ASHRAE Great Energy Predictor Shootout III in the journal Science and Technology for the Built Environment.

To cite this paper:

Clayton Miller, Pandarasamy Arjunan, Anjukan Kathirgamanathan, Chun Fu, Jonathan Roth, June Young Park, Chris Balbach, Krishnan Gowri, Zoltan Nagy, Anthony D. Fontanini & Jeff Haberl (2020) The ASHRAE Great Energy Predictor III competition: Overview and results, Science and Technology for the Built Environment, DOI: 10.1080/23744731.2020.1795514

Overview of Analysis of Data about the competition

There are several components to the analysis in this publication in which data was collected from the Kaggle platform in various ways:

Web Scraping

Get meta data of Kernel notebooks, Discussion topics, and Historical competitions fromt the Kaggle website:

Demographics of Competitors

Overview visualization(s) that gives an understanding of the people involved in the competition:

Discussion Board

Characterize and label discussion topics and comments from the competition:

Kernel notebooks

Characterize and label notebooks and techniques topics from the competition

Notebooks and Solutions Directory

In addition, there are two wiki pages that focus on a curation of the notebooks and full solutions from the competition: