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First, fork the repository on Github, then clone your fork on your local machine:

git clone<github-handle>/puzzles.git

You should create a branch to solve a puzzle:

git checkout -b <github-handle>_<puzzle-name>

When you're ready to start, erase the TODO comment in the puzzle method and make a commit saying 'Started working on <puzzle-name>.', like this:

git commit -am 'Started working on my_turn_in.'

You can now start coding! To validate your solution, you can run the tests for an individual puzzle using the test suite. To test the Snake my_turn_in puzzle, for example, run:

ruby ./test/puzzles/snake/my_turn_in_test.rb

Once you've finished solving a puzzle, you can push your solution to your repository like this:

git push origin <branch-name>

Puzzles can be found in the files contained in the lib/puzzles directory.

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