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  • create a couple functions to append a ugen to the root of a synth, for attaching out, pan, etc...

  • inst and synth forms should evalute the defaults rather than expecting them to be numbers (to use equations, constant vars, etc...)


  • rather than using a plain multiply for volume adjustment, we should have a built-in helper that uses dbamp and multiply to adjust volume logarithmically, corresponding to perception.
    • use a range of 0 - 1.0, so it works automatically with GUI controls and other ugens.


  • route all synths and samplers to a main mixer bus, providing panning, EQ, and volume controls.

    • figure out how FX should work into this
  • have a mechanism to route sound to a preview channel for listening to something in headphones to try it out.

  • create a basic EQ that can be used on any track

  • basic record functionality for root group

    • Sam's disk-out examples
  • create a basic volume and pan control node that can be used for the master volume and per synth-track control

  • implementing some basic midi mapping

  • fill out metronome functionality

  • hook up the sequencer

  • implement a portamento helper on top of slew


  • create a function that prints out the currently running synths

    • maybe use node-tree + info from the synth-groups
  • view a table or tree of running synths with the ability to kill and maybe modify control params

  • allow for re-arranging nodes and groups using a tree/table view

  • figure out how best to attach meta-data to the [unary,binary]-op-ugen

Synths and Audio:

  • make midi->hz and friends multimethods (or use types and protocols?) so they operate immediately on numbers, but generate ugens on input proxy or ugen arguments.

  • add docs to Unary and Binary op ugens

  • add another argument mode to ugens so that buffers and samples can be passed to ugens as arguments and their :id property will be used

    • get rid of UGen wrapper function currently doing this for all ugens
  • implement the rest of the argument modes for ugens, as described in docs/dev/core/ugen_definition.mdml. (currently there is just :append-seq)

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