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+# Remove Comments Absolutely
+Deactivate comments functions and remove areas absolutely from the WordPress install
+## Description
+The comment feature in WordPress is an essential component of blogs - but not in all cases it's needed,
+especially if you use it as a traditional CMS.
+Sure, you can just leave out the comment form while you creating a theme and disable the comment options
+in your backend. But this is not the best way for everyone. In such a case, I turn the comments off completely,
+making sure that the posts can not have that option and also remove the fields for the comments in the backend.
+That way the user gets exactly what he needs. Meanwhile, I have needed this so often that I created a small
+Plugin and I'm able to immediately „switch off“ the functions and comment areas.
+Also see the [post](
+about the idea.
+## Other Notes
+### Bugs, technical hints or contribute
+Please give me feedback, contribute and file technical bugs on this
+[GitHub Repo](, use Issues.
+### License
+Good news, this plugin is free for everyone! Since it's released under the GPL,
+you can use it free of charge on your personal or commercial blog. But if you enjoy this plugin,
+you can thank me and leave a
+[small donation]( "Paypal Donate link")
+for the time I've spent writing and supporting this plugin.
+And I really don't want to know how many hours of my life this plugin has already eaten ;)
+### Translations
+The plugin comes with various translations, please refer to the
+[WordPress Codex]( "Installing WordPress in Your Language")
+for more information about activating the translation.
+If you want to help to translate the plugin to your language,
+please have a look at the .pot file which contains all defintions and may be used with a
+[gettext]( editor like [Poedit]( (Windows)
+or the plugin [Localization]( for WordPress.
+### Contact & Feedback
+The plugin is designed and developed by me ([Frank Bültge](
+Please let me know if you like the plugin or you hate it or whatever ...
+Please fork it, add an issue for ideas and bugs.
+### Disclaimer
+I'm German and my English might be gruesome here and there.
+So please be patient with me and let me know of typos or grammatical farts. Thanks

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