A library of ancient and medieval astronomic model animations.
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The simple HTML5 canvas animation library for building out the models is all in app/assets/javascripts/.  The minimum required to set up a new model of the universe is the following:

  window.onload = function(){
    var universe = new Universe({ sun:{}, earth:{type:'center'} });

All the planets as well as Pluto are built in with modern values for their default parameters.

Any given planet can be added manually, with these parameters defined at a minimum:

    universe.planets.xanax = new Planet(universe, {
     name:'xanax', color: "#CC0", aus: 30, mm: .2, size: 70000 

Parameters can be passed as sexagesimal (base 60) straight from the literature.

Deferents are calculated as epicycles: if no epicycles are defined a basic deferent from
the AUs (aus:) and mean movement (mm:) properties will be added.  Here's a more complex


Note one can apply an arbitrary, static equant to any given cycle in this fashion.