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#include "lwan.h"
static void *helloworld_init_from_hash(const char *prefix, const struct hash *hash)
return NULL;
static enum lwan_http_status
helloworld_handle_cb(struct lwan_request *request,
struct lwan_response *response,
void *data)
response->mime_type = "text/plain";
//char helo[102400] = {0};
char msg[] = "hello world from lwan module";
strbuf_append_str(response->buffer, msg, strlen(msg));
return HTTP_OK;
const struct lwan_module *lwan_module_helloworld(void)
static const struct lwan_module helloworld_module = {
.init = NULL,
.init_from_hash = helloworld_init_from_hash,
.shutdown = NULL,
.handle = helloworld_handle_cb,
.flags = 0
return &helloworld_module;
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