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@buf-release-bot buf-release-bot released this 16 May 17:13
· 88 commits to main since this release

This release contains the (completely backwards-compatible) next generation of the Buf CLI. The Buf CLI and its associated configuration have been completely overhauled to support monorepos as first-class citizens. We'd call it a v2 of buf, but it's not. Buf is enterprise-grade software, and we want you to be minimally impacted. The v1.32.0 release of buf introduces v2 config formats for both buf.yaml and buf.gen.yaml. All your current commands and v1 configuration continue to work, so you can upgrade to v2 configuration when appropriate.

To read more about what's new, check out our blog and our docs:

  • Add version v2 for buf.yaml and buf.gen.yaml configuration files.
  • Add buf config migrate to migrate configuration files to the latest version (now v2).
  • Move buf mod init to buf config init. buf mod init is now deprecated.
  • Move buf mod ls-lint-rules to buf config ls-lint-rules. buf mod ls-lint-rules is now deprecated.
  • Move buf mod ls-breaking-rules to buf config ls-breaking-rules. buf mod ls-breaking-rules is now deprecated.
  • Move buf mod prune to buf dep prune. buf mod prune is now deprecated.
  • Move buf mod update to buf dep update. buf mod update is now deprecated.
  • Move buf mod {clear-cache,cc} to buf registry cc. buf mod {clear-cache,cc} is now deprecated.
  • Move buf beta graph to stable as buf dep graph.
  • Change the default visibility of buf push --create-visibility to private when the --create flag is set. Users are no longer required to set --create-visibility when running buf push --create.
  • Add buf push --label, which allows users to set labels when pushing new commits to the BSR.
  • Add buf push --source-control-url, which allows users to associate commits pushed to the BSR with a URL to a source code repository.
  • Add buf push --create-default-label, which allows users to set a default label for a repository when calling buf push --create.
  • Add buf push --git-metadata, which automatically sets appropriate --label, --source-control-url, and --create-default-label flags based on the current Git repository.
  • Add buf convert --validate to apply protovalidate rules to incoming messages specified with --from.
  • Deprecate buf mod open.
  • Delete buf beta migrate-v1beta1 This is now replaced with buf config migrate.
  • Add buf registry sdk version to get the version of a Generated SDK for a module and plugin.
  • Add buf beta registry archive and buf beta registry unarchive commands for archiving and unarchiving labels on the BSR.
  • Add support for Protobuf Editions. This allows buf to be used with sources that use edition 2023, instead of proto2 or proto3 syntax. This also updates the protoc-gen-buf-breaking and protoc-gen-buf-lint Protobuf plugins to support files that use edition 2023.
  • Update buf breaking rules to work with Protobuf Editions. To support Editions, some rules have been deprecated and replaced with Editions-aware rules. All deprecated rules continue to work for existing users.
    • FIELD_SAME_CTYPE has been replaced with FIELD_SAME_CPP_STRING_TYPE, which considers both ctype field options and new (pb.cpp).string_type features when deciding on backwards compatibility.
    • FIELD_SAME_LABEL has been replaced with three rules that all check "cardinality". The new rules can distinguish between maps and other repeated fields and between implicit and explicit field presence. The new rules are:
      1. FIELD_SAME_CARDINALITY in the FILE and PACKAGE categories.
    • FILE_SAME_JAVA_STRING_CHECK_UTF8 has been replaced with FIELD_SAME_JAVA_UTF8_VALIDATION, which considers both the java_string_check_utf8 file option and ( features when deciding on backwards compatibility.
    • Add to the existing FILE_SAME_SYNTAX rule with a few related rules that can catch the same sort of compatibility issues, but in an Editions source file that changes feature values:
      1. MESSAGE_SAME_JSON_FORMAT and ENUM_SAME_JSON_FORMAT catch changes to the json_format feature, which controls whether support for the JSON format is best-effort or properly supported. When supported, the compiler performs more checks relating to field name collisions for the JSON format as well as for FieldMask usage.
      2. FIELD_SAME_UTF8_VALIDATION catches changes to the utf8_validation feature, which controls validation of string values.
      3. ENUM_SAME_TYPE catches changes to an enum's type, open vs. closed.
  • Add support for extensions to buf breaking. All existing rules for fields are now applied to extensions, except for FIELD_NO_DELETE (and its variants). There are also new EXTENSION_NO_DELETE and PACKAGE_EXTENSION_NO_DELETE rules for catching deletions of an extension. The new rules are not active by default in existing v1 and v1beta1 configurations, for backwards-compatibility reasons. Migrate your config to v2 to use them.
  • Add support for top-level extensions to buf lint. It previously only checked extensions that were defined inside of messages.
  • Add a new FIELD_NOT_REQUIRED lint rule that prevents use of required in proto2 files and of features.field_presence = LEGACY_REQUIRED in Editions files. This new rule is not active by default in existing v1 and v1beta1 configurations, for backwards-compatibility reasons. Migrate your config to v2 to use them.