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@buf-release-bot buf-release-bot released this 13 Jun 16:08
· 38 commits to main since this release
  • Allow user to override --source-control-url and --create-default-label when using --git-metadata with buf push.
  • Fix buf push --git-metadata when local tags point to different objects than the remote tags.
  • Fix issue where comment ignores were not respected for PROTOVALIDATE lint rule violations.
  • Add buf beta registry label {create,get,list} to replace buf beta registry {draft, tag} commands.
  • Update buf beta commit {get,list} command outputs to display create time and stop displaying associated tags.
  • Change the behavior of buf beta commit list <> when the reference is empty. It now lists commits in the repository instead of listing commits of the default label.
  • Update output of buf format to canonicalize the punctuation used in message literals in option values. The output now always uses { and } instead of < and >; it adds : separators between field names and message values if the source omitted them, and it removes unnecessary separators between fields (, and ; are allowed, but neither is needed).
  • Update buf format -w so that it does not touch files whose contents don't actually change. This eliminates noisy notifications to file-system-watcher tools that are watching the directory that contains proto sources.
  • Update buf generate to work with plugins provided by protoc for versions v24.0 to v25.3. Editions support was experimental in these releases, and the plugins advertise incomplete support for editions, which triggers buf to report an error. With this fix, these plugins can be used again as long as none of the input files use editions syntax.
  • Add buf push --exclude-unnamed flag to exclude unnamed modules when pushing to the BSR.