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Buffer Engineering Wiki

Welcome, friend! 👋 This is the Buffer Engineering Wiki. It's is a living, evolving project that exists to guide you through all the info you need to know to be a happy and productive Buffer Engineer™.

It's a handy reference whether you're new, changing teams, or just like breaking down knowledge silos. 💥

Table of Contents

💁 In no particular order, please keep up to date and feel free to rearrange in your PRs

Local Development

Get all setup to work on Buffer locally

Team Specific

Seeking Advice & Input

Engineering Leadership

Buffer Web

The web app at buffer.com/app, API, static pages, and more!

Buffer Marketing

The home page at buffer.com, more static pages, salary calculator, and more!

  • :octocat: buffer-marketing
  • Check out the README in buffer-marketing for some great documentation.


Our blogs, hosted on WPEngine.


Everything related to the Stripe API & Webhook and our billing logic.

Open Source

Everything related to Open Source at Buffer


Contributing to the Wiki

All contributions would be glorious. An out of date wiki is so much worse than the occasional misleading new contribution, so please err on the side of sharing your knowledge.

Wikis are best when they're living and evolving. As an async, remote team, let's create a wiki that reflects our commitment to this way of work! 🌍

👉 Read how to contribute right here!


  1. Be the change you want to see on the wiki Just edit it directly on Github ✏️
  2. Got more of a suggestion than an immediate change? Open a Pull Request 🙋🏽‍
  3. Not sure what the right info is, but you can see the current docs are wrong? Open an issue 🤔
  4. Got lots to share? Awesome!🦄 Work on this wiki locally: $ git clone git@github.com:bufferapp/README.git