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Buffer Mobile Assessment

Name of Product: Buffer

Platform: Mobile Apps

Date: August 2020

Contact Information:

Notes: We're committed to achieving high accessibility standards in our mobile apps. Below are common technologies we pledge to support across mobile platforms. If you find any issues within our apps, we aim to have them fixed within one to two weeks after you've reached out to us.

Ultimately, our apps should be used, and designed for, everybody. The text should be legible at all sizes, screen reader technologies should make the app navigable and every user should have access to the full set of features within our apps.

Evaluation Methods Used: Conformance to the listed accessibility standards has been done through self-evaluation.


Platform specific accessibility standards supported on iOS are:

  • Including Bold Text
  • High Contrast Cursors
  • Reduce Transparency
  • Reduce Motion
  • Dark themes and color inversion
  • Voice Over

Platform specific accessibility standards supported on Android are:

  • Dynamic text sizing
  • Talkback support
  • Screen reader navigation