BSD licensed charset/encoding converter library with more functionalities than libiconv
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#Documentation & Support

API Reference:

Use bsdconv-man to show manual page for each module

IRC: irc://

#Compiling & Installation make PREFIX=/usr # default is /usr/local sudo make install


Convert traditional chinese big5 to simplified chinese utf-8

bsdconv big5:zhcn:utf-8 in.txt > out.txt
bsdconv big5:zhcn:utf-8 -i in.txt #inplace

Convert traditional chinese utf-8 to simplified chinese GB2312 with transliteration

bsdconv utf-8:zhcn:cp936,cp936-trans in.txt > out.txt

Convert simplified chinese to traditional chinese

bsdconv utf-8:zhtw:zhtw-words:utf-8

And ignoring whitespaces mixed in words

bsdconv utf-8:whitespace-derail:zhtw:zhtw-words:whitespace-rerail:utf-8

Convert big5 data, traditional chinese to simplified chinese, CRLF/CR/LF to CRLF, to big5 data, translate simplified chinese words, which are not in big5, to HTML entities, and uppercase the ascii characters.

bsdconv big5:zhcn:win:upper:big5,htmlentity in.txt > out.txt

Very useful for migrating MySQL DB from Big5 to UTF-8

bsdconv htmlentity,big5-5c,big5:utf-8 in.sql > out.sql

Recover from mis-decoding/encoding (mistreated big5 as iso-8859-1 and converted to utf-8)

bsdconv 'utf-8:iso-8859-1|big5:utf-8'

Decode escaped data (byte/unicode mixed) like %u9644%20

bsdconv 'escape,byte:unicode,byte|skip,ascii:utf-8'

Generate string for fuzzy comparison


Translate text to HTML

bsdconv big5:nl2br:ascii,html-img in.txt > out.htm

Use glyph image from

bsdconv utf-8:ascii,ascii-html-cns11643-img in.txt out.htm

Maintain inter map:

bsdconv bsdconv-keyword,bsdconv:bsdconv-keyword,utf-8 inter/FOO.txt > edit.tmp
vi edit.tmp
bsdconv bsdconv-keyword,utf-8:bsdconv-keyword,bsdconv edit.tmp > inter/FOO.txt

#Windows Use mingw with to build it, then copy everythings in build/ to c:\bsdconv
the path of the executable will be c:\bsdconv\bsdconv.exe

If you want to install to directory other than default path set BSDCONV_PATH environment variable to your path.

Run setEnvVar.bat as administrator could help you set proper environment variables.

#Bindings Python