Capturing and replaying traffic

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Think about Gor more like a network analyzer or tcpdump on steroids, it is not a proxy and does not affect your app anyhow. You specify application port, and it will capture and replay incoming data.

Simplest setup will be:

# Run on servers where you want to catch traffic. You can run it on every `web` machine.
sudo gor --input-raw :80 --output-http

It will record and replay traffic from the same machine. However, it is possible to use Aggregator-forwarder setup, when Gor on your web machines forward traffic to Gor aggregator instance running on the separate server.

You may notice that it require sudo: to analyze network Gor need permissions which available only to root users. However, it is possible to configure Gor [beign run for non-root users](Running as a non-root user).

Forwarding to multiple addresses

You can forward traffic to multiple endpoints.

gor --input-tcp :28020 --output-http ""  --output-http ""

Splitting traffic

By default, it will send same traffic to all outputs, but you have options to equally split it (round-robin) using --split-output option.

gor --input-raw :80 --output-http ""  --output-http "" --split-output true

Tracking responses

By default input-raw does not intercept responses, only requests. You can turn response tracking using --input-raw-track-response option. When enable you will be able to access response information in middleware and output-file.

Traffic interception engine

By default, Gor will use libpcap for intercepting traffic, it should work in most cases. If you have any troubles with it, you may try alternative engine: raw_socket.

sudo gor --input-raw :80 --input-raw-engine "raw_socket" --output-http ""

You can read more about Replaying HTTP traffic.

Tracking original IP addresses

You can use --input-raw-realip-header option to specify header name: If not blank, injects header with given name and real IP value to the request payload. Usually, this header should be named: X-Real-IP, but you can specify any name.

gor --input-raw :80 --input-raw-realip-header "X-Real-IP" ...

Also you may want to know about Rate limiting, Request rewriting and Request filtering

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