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We provide pre-compiled binaries for Mac and Linux, but you are free to compile Gor by yourself.

Gor is written using Go, so first you need to download it from here, use the latest stable version.

The only Gor dependency is libpcap, which is the interface to various kernel packet capture mechanisms, and, which is a Go wrapper around libpcap. Latest libpcap version can be obtained at Libpcap itself depend on flex and bison packages, many operating systems already have them installed.

# Fetch libpcap dependencies. Depending on your OS, instead of `apt` you will use `yum` or `rpm`, or `brew` on Mac.
sudo apt-get install flex bison -y

# Download latest stable release, compile and install it
wget && tar xzf libpcap-1.7.4.tar.gz
cd libpcap-1.7.4
./configure && make install

# Lets fetch Gor source code
mkdir $HOME/gocode
# See more information about GOPATH
export GOPATH=$HOME/gocode
# Fetch code from the Github
go get

# Compile from source
cd $HOME/gocode/src/
go build LDFLAGS = -ldflags "-extldflags \"-static\""

After you finished, you should see gor binary in current directory.

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