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CodeceptJS sample tests for Bugira application
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CodeceptJS Demo Tests

Let's see how you can build end to end tests for your project with CodeceptJS. This project should be taken as an example. Learn how to work with:

  • Puppeteer testing
  • Various locator strategies
  • API data management
  • Auto login
  • Data generation with faker
  • autoRetry plugin
  • Using bootstrap to inject data into container
  • Dynamic config and profiles to run tests in headless/window mode
  • Using .env to store sensitive data

Install and run

npm install

Create .env file from template.

Be aware, that you use a free shared account for demo purpose, it can be chaged or disabled in any moment.

Execute tests

npx codeceptjs run --debug --profile show

What is Bugira Bugtracker?

We test our friendly project: Bugira Bugtracker. It's a single page application written in Rails & EmberJS. It allows users to send bugreports via embeddable widget, collecting all session information. The first bugreporter that sends bug for you!

Get better bugreports with Bugira Bugtracker

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