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{spawn, exec} = require 'child_process'
{log, error} = console; print = log
shell = (cmds, callback) ->
cmds = [cmds] if Object::toString.apply(cmds) isnt '[object Array]'
exec(cmds.join(' && '), (err, stdout, stderr) ->
print trimStdout if trimStdout = stdout.trim()
error stderr.trim() if err
callback() if callback
task 'docco', 'build the docs', ->
shell 'docco src/*coffee'
shell 'open docs/server.html'
task 'run', 'update the dependencies and run the application', ->
shell 'npm up'
shell 'coffee -c src/public/javascript/'
shell 'sudo supervisor src/*coffee', (error, stdout, stderr) ->
console.log "stdout: #{stdout}"
console.log "stderr: #{stderr}"
shell 'open http://localhost/locations'