Scripts to build up multiple copies of a rootfs on a sd card.
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Build one, or build many root filesystem SD cards for your Bug.

The first thing you do is run the prepimage command. prepimage with no args
will look at the Bug internal and external build stores and tell you what the
latest Subversion revision is included. Then prepimage will either be run in
buildbot mode for external downloads, or you specify which revision to pull and
which build tree to pull it from (incremental, full or accenture).

You have to run prepimage with root privledges. Sudo works fine. The reason is
the tarball is expanded to get the md5sum of every file for later verification
and when it is untarred, you have to be root for everything to get written

prepimage [Build Number] [full|incr|acct]
prepimage with no arguments will tell you the latest build number for each tree
	full will pull from the full builds
	incr will pull from the incremental builds
	acct will pull from the Accenture specific builds
prepimage --bbot
	will pull the latest from the external site

# Examples
sudo ./prepimage 12280
sudo ./prepimage 12280 incr
sudo ./prepimage --bbot
----------- is the writing engine of SD-Factory. This script takes the target
device, the name of the file downloaded by prepimage ([revision #].rootfs.tar)
and a volume label prefix.

sudo ./ /dev/sdb 12106.rootfs.tar FULL12106

if sd_write encounters any issues, will be called

I'm tired, so I'm stopping here for now. #buglabs on freenode for problems

Coming Soon