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# ==========================================================================
# Build system
# ==========================================================================
@echo 'Cleaning:'
@echo ' clean - delete temporary files created by build'
@echo ' distclean - delete all non-source files (including .config)'
@echo ' doc-clean - delete all generated documentation'
@echo 'Build:'
@echo ' all - Executable and documentation'
@echo ' busybox - the swiss-army executable'
@echo ' doc - docs/BusyBox.{txt,html,1}'
@echo ' html - create html-based cross-reference'
@echo 'Configuration:'
@echo ' allnoconfig - disable all symbols in .config'
@echo ' allyesconfig - enable all symbols in .config (see defconfig)'
@echo ' config - text based configurator (of last resort)'
@echo ' defconfig - set .config to largest generic configuration'
@echo ' menuconfig - interactive curses-based configurator'
@echo ' oldconfig - resolve any unresolved symbols in .config'
@echo ' hosttools - build sed for the host.'
@echo ' You can use these commands if the commands on the host'
@echo ' is unusable. Afterwards use it like:'
@echo ' make SED="$(objtree)/sed"'
@echo 'Installation:'
@echo ' install - install busybox into CONFIG_PREFIX'
@echo ' uninstall'
@echo 'Development:'
@echo ' baseline - create busybox_old for bloatcheck.'
@echo ' bloatcheck - show size difference between old and new versions'
@echo ' check - run the test suite for all applets'
@echo ' checkhelp - check for missing help-entries in'
@echo ' randconfig - generate a random configuration'
@echo ' release - create a distribution tarball'
@echo ' sizes - show size of all enabled busybox symbols'
@echo ' objsizes - show size of each .o object built'
@echo ' bigdata - show data objects, biggest first'
@echo ' stksizes - show stack users, biggest first'
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