Python & Web tools for cataloging and manipulating a series of timestamped images from a custom/DIY 360 degree camera rig
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bsvtools - BUG Street View Tools

Tools for manipulating street view images taken w/ the "octocam".

Any tool will show options if run w/ --help flag.  i.e. ./ --help

Tools Summary:

-- -
Creates a series of composite frames for viewing octocam mission results.
    ./ -b ~/work/darpa/data/finaltest01/out/ -F FreeMonoBold.ttf -d ~/tmp/finalout01
The output can then be turned into a movie using ffmpeg:
ffmpeg -r 25 -i ~/tmp/finalout01/img_%05d.jpg -b 3600k officetest06.swf
NOTE: Requires the Python Image Library (included in most python installs)

-- --
For generating a subset of images from the raw data.
    ./ -b ~/work/darpa/data/finaltest01/out/ -d ~/tmp/seqout01 -s 8486A360_2010_03_04-16:04:31.556.jpg -i 10

-- ---
Catalogs images, gps coords, and tagged events into a sqlite3 table.
    ./ -b ~/work/darpa/data/finaltest01/out/ -G ~/work/darpa/data/finaltest01/LOCATION-LOG.2010-03-04@16:05:35.789.log -E ~/work/darpa/data/finaltest01/GPSTEST-TAGFILE.2010-03-04@16:10:32.784.log -q ~/tmp/images.sqlite3
-- ----
Run's a mini website for viewing mission results.  Site shows a map, timeline, and images interface
    ./ -b ~/work/darpa/data/finaltest01/out/ -q ~/tmp/images.sqlite3
NOTE: Requires cherrypy (http server, best installed manually via "python install")

-- --
Set some properties in the file and run.  This does things w/ defaults for the live test/demonstration.