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This package contains the scripts for building Bug Labs java end-user tools.
The Virtual Bug and module emulation packages
The BUG SDK Eclipse plug-in.
Depends on com.buglabs.bug.emulator and will build it if it doesn't find it.
Concierge, the light OSGi runtime for BUG
The all of the above wrapped up with Eclipse for instant install.
Currently uses Eclipse 3.5 and builds for all platforms, linux, windows, mac
NOTE: This build requires versions of eclipse in a certain format (zipped)
in certain folders on the build machine, usually the builder's home dir.
See below for more info
* linux build machine
* eclipse v3.5 as a tarball file called eclipse-lin.tar.gz in ~/com.eclipse.sdk/ on build machine
* other versions of eclipse for full sdk build. See notes below for more info.
* ant-contrib & svnant -- See common.xml where it loads these tasks to see where it looks.
Preparing to build
You must do a couple of things in the dragonfly bundles to prepare for a new build
* Set the build number
** Modify com.buglabs.feature/feature.xml, com.buglabs.dragonfly.ui/META-INF/MANIFEST.MF, and com.buglabs.dragonfly.updatesite/site.xml
** The easiest way to find where to update the version number is to do a search for the current version on all the files in eclipse.
** Change build number the file, see below
* Modify in com.buglabs.dragonfly.ui
** Set correct version number to M.m
** Update the release notes link
* Modify the properties files in the (this) project
** Modify to set the correct version number for the different components you are building against
** Modify the system.<build.level>.properties file for the build level you are working on
*** Make sure the svn.url.* properties are correct in the build level properties file
* Check in all changes
Integration Build:
Integration builds are run from trunk, so svn.url.dragonfly=svn://
Testing Build:
Test builds are run from a testing branch
* After a successful build and smoke-test of an integration build, create a testing branch
* A testing build should be run against a testing branch, so in, you should see: svn.url.dragonfly=svn://
* During a testing cycle, the revision (Major.minor.revision) number is incremented for consecutive test builds.
Production Buld:
Production builds run from a release tag, i.e. - svn://
* It is typical to create the tag from the final testing branch (the one that passed QA).
* This production build tag likely have the same M.m.r number as the passing testing branch
How to build
* Check out build project: svn co svn:// and cd into the dir
* run and like this: ant -Dbuild.level=[integration, testing, or production] -f [build.xml file]
** For Example: ant -Dbuild.level=integration -f com.buglabs.sdk.xml
* build files are created in the artifacts directory
Set up of Eclipse installs for one-click build (com.buglabs.sdk.xml)
If you run a full sdk build, i.e. ant -Dbuild.level=integration -f com.buglabs.sdk.xml you need to have the different platform eclipse installs ready on the build machine
You can see an example of this setup on darner at /home/bballantine (all the dirs begin w/ com.eclipse.sdk)
* First download all the installs for the platforms we are supporting. Currently, we are dealing only w/ 32 bit versions of Eclipse.
* Unzip the eclipse download
* Create a folder in the eclipse/dropins directory called GEF
* Inside GEF, create features and plugins directories
* Copy the GEF features and plugins files into the correct directory
* Copy the launcher scripts (found in this project) into the root of each directory (.sh is linux, .command is os x, and .bat is windows)
* Zip up the modified eclipse install using the following naming convension:
** For Linux: eclipse-lin.tar.gz
** For Windows: eclipse-win.tar.gz
** For OS X: eclipse-mac.tar.gz
* Create directories to put these eclipse bundles
** com.eclipse.sdk.lin, com.eclipse.sdk.mac,
** Add the tarballs into the proper directory and put these in the home directory of the root machine
* Finally you need a default eclipse install to build against
** The best way to do this is just to copy com.eclipse.sdk.lin and name it com.eclipse.sdk
** i.e. cp -r com.eclipse.sdk.lin com.eclipse.sdk
Deploying a build to page (newkeds)
There is a combination of scripts that do this. On the build machine, scp-publish, and on the server, setup_sdk_dirs.rb
setup_sdk_dirs currently sits on newkeds in the /home/web/ directory and that is where scp-publish expects it
Both files can be found in thie (this) project
* run ./scp-publish <build.level>
** build.level should be integration, testing, production
** NOTE 1: that we no longer have an ssh key on darner, so you need to type in a password a couple times when doing this. It's a real pain so I suggest setting up the ssh key.
** NOTE 2: ./scp-publish production uploads all three full installs, which takes FOREVER!