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Sending app from Dragonfly 3.0 to rootfs 3.0 causes error. #3

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Again, not sure whether this should be in Dragonfly repo or here.

Right now, if you are to create an app in Dragonfly 3.0 and send it to a BUG containing the 3.0 rootfs, the following error pops up.

"The BUG Application 'Test' has been built for a different Execution Environment than is running on BUG 'barberdt30bug'. Please set the Execution Environment in your application's manifest to match one of: JavaSE-1.6,J2SE-1.5,J2SE-1.4,J2SE-1.3,OSGi/Minimum-1.2,OSGi/Minimum-1.1,OSGi/Minimum-1.0"

Looking at the manifest for the app being sent, I don't see any current implementation of 'Execution Environment' variable, but I may just be missing something simple.

Note: This relates to a separate issue, in which I was sending the app in the first place to see where it was placed within the rootfs. With the new rootfs, I am unsure where 'apps' are supposed to be located. I see the 'build-in' apps, such as the appui and networkingui in the bundle directory, but is this where all apps are to be located (versus the separate 'apps' and 'bundles' directories of the previous rootfs)?

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