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+ BMI is the Bug Module Interface. This is a hardware standard for low
+ power plug and play devices. It's a bit like USB, but with lower power
+ requirements for mobile/embedded/battery-powered Devices.
+ BMI is composed of slots and PIMs (Plug In Modules). Slots are the
+ abstraction for the physical slots on a machine (bug board for this
+ version) PIM's Slot drivers are platform specific, and some devices
+ are slot limited such that a high baud video device may have only a
+ few select slots that it will work in.
+ PIM's are intended to work on any platform supporting the BMI,
+ regardless of the underlying platform, as long as the slot provides
+ the required features of the PIM.
+ As a bare minimum a BMI slot needs to provide and I2C connection, as
+ well as 2 IRQ pins to register the insertion and removal of modules.
+ The core BMI module is loaded as a bus driver as compiled-in kernel
+ module (see drivers/bmi/core/ ) During boot BMI is loaded and runs,
+ and slots are regiestered as bus items. Then modules are detected and
+ loaded individually depending on what module info was detected.
+ Modules can alternately be loaded at run-time when they are detected by
+ a change on a slots IRQ.

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