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<title>BUGswarm Developers</title>
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<p>The BUGswarm API can be broken down into two primary
actions, configuration and participation. Configuration
includes the creation, updating, and destruction of swarms
and their resources in addition to inviting other users'
resources into your swarms and accepting or rejecting pending
invitations. Participation includes producing and consuming
data within one or many swarms.</p><!-- Descriptions-->
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<h3><a href="configuration_api.html">Configuration</a>
<small>Establish swarms, resources, and
<p>BUGswarm uses a RESTful (Representational State
Transfer) API to configure swarms and their resources.
Use it to create and destroy swarms and resources, add
and remove resources to and from swarms, and generate API
keys. In addition to these methods, the Configuration API
also takes care of the social aspect of BUGswarm, sending
invitations to other users' resources to join your swarms
as well as accepting and rejecting pending invitations.
To make development easier, the Configuration API has
been wrapped up in <a href=
Tools</a>, a set of python scripts used to make the
development process simple and easy.</p>
<div class="span8">
<h3><a href="participation_api.html">Participation</a>
<small>Produce and consume data</small></h3>
<p>BUGswarm makes use of an HTTP streaming API to allow
resources to connect to and participate in the swarms
they are members of. Because the Participation API uses
streaming, after connecting a resource to a swarm, the
connection remains open while bidirectional HTTP requests
are processed. To make development easier, the
Participation API has also been wrapped up in <a href=
Tools</a> . Use the `` and `` scripts
for use the Participation API from the command line.</p>
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<h2>Tools and Libraries</h2>
<p>In order to make the BUGswarm development process as easy
and friendly as possible, we have developed a set of tools
and libraries to help you get started even faster. Visit the
<a href="tools.html">Tools</a> and <a href=
"libraries.html">Libraries</a> pages to learn more.</p>
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