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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<?NLS TYPE=""?>
<!-- This is the old toc format. Now trying to consolidate all topics in one file. -->
<toc label="Dragonfly SDK" topic="html/overview.html">
<topic label="Getting Started">
<anchor id="createBUGProject"/>
<anchor id="creatingABasicApplication"/>
<anchor id="callWebServicesApp"/>
<anchor id="debugAnApp"/>
<anchor id="babyMonitor"/>
<topic label="Configure and Run Apps">
<anchor id="interactingWithMyBUGsView"/>
<anchor id="SendAppToBUG"/>
<anchor id="usingVirtualBug"/>
<anchor id="savingVirtualBUG"/>
<anchor id="launchConfiguration"/>
<topic label="BUGnet Community">
<anchor id="interactingWithBUGnetView"/>
<anchor id="downloadApplication"/>
<anchor id="uploadApplication"/>