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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<?eclipse version="3.2"?>
<!-- NOTE: The plugin id should help URLs like this to redirect correctly
FROM: /help/content/PLUGINS_ROOT/
TO: /help/content/ -->
<plugin id="">
<extension point="">
<!-- <toc file="tocCreateBUGProject.xml"/>
<toc file="tocAnatomyOfBUGApplication.xml"/>
<toc file="tocCallWebServicesApp.xml"/>
<toc file="tocDebugAnApp.xml"/>
<toc file="tocInteractingWithBUGnetView.xml"/>
<toc file="tocInteractingWithMyBUGsView.xml"/>
<toc file="tocUploadApplication.xml"/>
<toc file="tocSendAppToBUG.xml"/>
<toc file="tocUsingVirtualBug.xml"/>
<toc file="tocLaunchConfiguration.xml"/> -->
<!-- KEEP THIS FOR LATER. See also: -->
<!-- <extension point="">
<index file="index.xml"/>
</extension> -->