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dragonfly: move and specify the directory where bugapps are installed

simulator plugin.
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1 parent 29630ee commit 123cadcd5d45cce3008c9414d6bf4a0fe24cef0e @kgilmer kgilmer committed Aug 3, 2011
6 ...ragonfly.ui/src/com/buglabs/dragonfly/launch/
@@ -202,17 +202,21 @@ protected String getSourceDir() throws Exception {
//TODO confirm that these properties are what is on BUG20 rootfs.
m.put("bug.os.version", "2009.X-stable");
m.put(PROP_HTTP_PORT, "8082");
m.put("", "onFirstInit");
m.put("", "linux");
m.put("org.osgi.framework.processor", "armv7l");
m.put(PROP_VBUG, "true");
+ m.put("org.knapsack.bundleDirs", "bundle, apps");
//This method generates a path should not be valid for Windows File class but actually is.
//Also the forward slash isn't magically stripped as the backslash is when the property is passed
//to the felix runtime.
- String s = getLaunchDirectory().toPortableString();
+ String s = getLaunchDir().toPortableString();
m.put(APP_DIR, s);
try {

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