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#set these variables to defaults if not already set
#BUILD_URL ?= ""
BUILD_NUMBER ?= `date '+%m%d%y%H%M'`
inherit image
ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND += "rootfs_update_buildinfo"
rootfs_update_buildinfo () {
echo "BUG Linux Build Information" > ${IMAGE_ROOTFS}/etc/buildinfo
echo "Version: ${BUG_RELEASE_VERSION}.${BUILD_NUMBER}" >> ${IMAGE_ROOTFS}/etc/buildinfo
echo "Build Host: `uname -a`" >> ${IMAGE_ROOTFS}/etc/buildinfo
echo "Build User: `whoami`" >> ${IMAGE_ROOTFS}/etc/buildinfo
echo "Build Time: `date -u`" >> ${IMAGE_ROOTFS}/etc/buildinfo
# echo "Build Source: ${BUILD_URL}" >> ${IMAGE_ROOTFS}/etc/buildinfo
echo "Revision: ${METADATA_REVISION}" >> ${IMAGE_ROOTFS}/etc/buildinfo
# Alias stuff that normally should belong into the bashrc or similar
echo "alias ipkg='opkg'" >>${IMAGE_ROOTFS}/etc/profile
echo "alias ll='ls -al'" >>${IMAGE_ROOTFS}/etc/profile
# Bandaid for RI1413
echo "vm.min_free_kbytes = 4096" >> ${IMAGE_ROOTFS}/etc/sysctl.conf
cd ${IMAGE_ROOTFS}/usr/lib/
ln -sf
cd $curdir
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