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I added a couple options (and tests) for xml2json.js that I needed and that others may find useful:

  • a textNodeKey option to override the default $t -- because I need to generate JSON that I can feed into mongodb. mongodb does not like '$' in JSON key names. When not specified, the textNodeKey option defaults to '$t'

  • an attributes option to specify whether or not the xml's nodes' attributes are converted to the JSON. The default is attributes: true which preserves the usual behavior of allowing attributes into the generated JSON.

huned added some commits Feb 1, 2012
@huned huned options.textNodeKey specifies the json key for a node's text data. if…
… unspecified, defaults to usual $t.
@huned huned options.attributes specifies whether or not xml nodes' attributes are…
… generated in the json. if unspecified, defaults to , preserving the usual behavior of generating json that includes the node's attributes

2 years old -- surely stale by now.

@huned huned closed this Mar 6, 2014
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