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This is an OSGi bundle intended to be used to run JUnit test suites 
in an automated fashion.  It also exports the JUnit and Hamcrest libraries to
simplify test environment setup.

This bundle is not intended to be used outside of a build/test environment.  It
bundles dependent code rather than imports to minimize runtime dependencies.

Upon bundle activation, the bundle will:
1. Determine directory where test results are stored, create directory if necessary.
2. Wait for a configurable amount of time for other bundles/services to start.
3. Scan the OSGi service registry for junit.framework.TestSuite
4. For each test suit, execute the tests and store the results.
5. Wait for a configurable amount of time, then shutdown the entire framework.

Configuration Options
testrunner.report.dir : Path to directory where test results are to be stored.
testrunner.startup.delay : Amount of time to wait before executing tests. (millis)
testrunner.shutdown.delay : Amount of time to wait before framework shutdown after test execution. (millis)
testrunner.output.verbose : Verbose output
testrunner.keeprunning : if set to true bundle will not shutdown framework after test execution completes.