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This is a collection of munin plugins for monitoring various details of the Huawei HG612 device. The HG612 is installed by OpenReach for certain types of DSL connections. It is normally installed in a locked-down state but can be unlocked to provide additional information and configuration -- just search "HG612 Hacking" and you will find all of the information you need.

These scripts are provided for the free use of anyone who wishes to use them. They were written by me for my own personal use, and as such may or may not need to be modified to suit your purposes.

My code is not perfect but does the job for me, and may need to be modified for you. Improvements are welcome.

I've provided some instructions to add these into munin -- they will only show up as a new graph section (hg612) for an existing host (if you require them to show up as a separate host in munin, please reconfigure to suit.)


  1. This code was written to be run with Munin on a Linux host. It requires an unlocked HG612 and for the "expect" scripting language to be installed.

  2. This script was configured to be run from /etc/munin/huawei and if you need to use a different directory you may need to modify the scripts to suit.

  3. To extract: cd /etc/munin tar zxvf huawei-hg612-munin-1.0.tgz

  4. A cron job must be set up to run every 5 minutes and the user running the plugin must be able to write to /var/lib/munin/plugin-state/huawei-hg612-munin-output.txt.

    cp /etc/munin/huawei/crontab /etc/cron.d/huawei-hg612-munin

  5. If you wish to enable any of the plugins, create a symlink for each one in the munin plugins directory. Or, copy and paste the following:

    ln -s /etc/munin/huawei/plugins/hg612_* /etc/munin/plugins

  6. The huawei.expect script is configured to connect to and use the default username and password. If this isn't what you want, simply modify the expect script.