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Bugmark is a system for trading futures contracts on issues in a software bug tracker, being developed with market design from Incentives Research, software development from Mountain View Smart Contracts, and support from the Mozilla open source experiments program.

Project Organization

This repo: bugmark:

  • Primary project wiki
  • Oracles
  • Web2 admin apps for the Oracles
  • Web2 end-user app for the market
  • The Market Dapp: web3 user interface for the market and associated smart contracts
  • Example Payout and Scoring Algos

The bugmark-design repo:

Needs update - Design docs, mockups from the initial project launch. That repo doesn't get updated as often as the code repos - it's more of a place to put snapshots of our design thinking in - and results from design sprints. If you are looking for day to day design and implementation work (use case discussions, milestones, issues) - this wiki has more up to date info.

The bugmark-slides repo:

Needs update - Presentations. There is an intro presentation that covers a lot of use cases in that repo. If you don't know anything about this project, then go to that repo. In 2017 we have been asked to add a bunch of presentations, and we might be a little behind on getting them up. Ping us on the mailing list to remind us if they are out of date, or to answer questions or get a better explanation.


Milestones here:

Send email to the mailing list (link in the sidebar):

You can check the mailing list as well for some of our past discussions.


Getting Started

Please see the Development Environment page to get started.

Market Prototype Design

See the Dapp Design page to discuss the prototype for now.


Join us at Mozfest in London for a live Bugmark workshop and trading session.

Demo outline (in progress):

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