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5.17.0 (2018-09-25)


  • Capture trace of error reporting thread and identify with boolean flag #303

Bug Fixes

  • Prevent potential crash in session delivery during app teardown #308

5.16.4 (13 Sept 2018)

Bug Fixes

  • Ensure NSException is captured when handler is overridden #313

  • Fix mach handler declaration and imports. This resolves an issue where signal codes were less specific than is possible. #314

  • Only call previously installed C++ termination handler if non-null. Fixes an unexpected termination if you override the handler with null before initializing Bugsnag and then throw a C++ exception and would like the app to continue after Bugsnag completes exception reporting.

5.16.3 (14 Aug 2018)

Bug Fixes

  • Deregister notification observers and listeners before application termination #301

5.16.2 (17 Jul 2018)

Bug fixes

  • Fix a regression in session tracking where app version was set to nil #296

  • Fix a regression in session tracking which caused the first session HTTP request to be delivered on the calling thread when automatic session tracking is enabled #295

5.16.1 (11 Jul 2018)

Bug Fixes

  • Respect appVersion override when serialising KSCrash report #292

5.16.0 (02 Jul 2018)

This release alters the behaviour of the notifier to track sessions automatically. A session will be automatically captured on each app launch and sent to

If you use Bugsnag On-Premise, it is now also recommended that you set your notify and session endpoints via config.setEndpoints(notify:sessions:). The previous properties used to configure this, config.notifyURL and config.sessionURL, are now readonly and therefore no longer assignable.

  • Enable automatic session tracking by default #286

Bug Fixes

  • Handle potential nil content value in RegisterErrorData class #289

5.15.6 (30 May 2018)

Bug Fixes

  • Ensure device data is attached to minimal reports #279
  • Enforce requiring API key to initialise notifier #280

5.15.5 (25 Apr 2018)

Bug Fixes

  • Changes report generation so that when a minimal or incomplete crash is recorded, essential app/device information is included in the report on the next application launch. #239 #250

  • Ensure timezone is serialised in report payload. #248 Jamie Lynch

5.15.4 (21 Feb 2018)

This release adds additional device metadata for filtering by whether an error occurred in a simulator (#242) and by processor word size (#228).

Bug Fixes

  • Ensure error class and message are persisted when thread tracing is disabled #245 Jamie Lynch
  • Re-addapp name to the app tab of reports #244 Jamie Lynch
  • Add payload version to report body to preserve backwards compatibility with older versions of the error reporting API #241 Jamie Lynch

5.15.3 (23 Jan 2018)

Bug Fixes

  • Remove chatty logging from session tracking #231 Jamie Lynch
  • Re-add API key to payload body to preserve backwards compatibility with older versions of the error reporting API #232 Jamie Lynch
  • Fix crash in iPhone X Simulator when reporting user exceptions #234 Paul Zabelin
  • Improve capture of Swift assertion error messages on arm64 devices, inserting the assertion type into the report's errorClass #235

5.15.2 (11 Jan 2018)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix default user/device ID generation on iOS and tvOS devices
  • Fix mach exception detection

5.15.1 (09 Jan 2018)

  • Misc Session Tracking fixes and enhancements

5.15.0 (05 Jan 2018)

    • Adds support for tracking sessions and overall crash rate by setting config.shouldAutoCaptureSessions to true. In addition, sessions can be indicated manually using [Bugsnag startSession] #222

5.14.2 (15 Dec 2017)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix possible crash when reading invalid JSON files from disk #220 #218

5.14.1 (29 Nov 2017)

  • Fix encoding of control characters in crash reports. Ensures crash reports are written correctly and delivered when containing U+0000 - U+001F #214 Jamie Lynch

5.14.0 (23 Nov 2017)

  • Use BSG_KSCrashReportWriter header rather than KSCrashReportWriter for custom JSON serialization

5.13.5 (21 Nov 2017)

  • Remove misleading information (address, mach, signal) from non-fatal error reports

5.13.4 (16 Nov 2017)

  • Fix buffer overflow for reports with large metadata
  • Treat warnings as errors

5.13.3 (06 Nov 2017)

  • Fix build on older versions of XCode

5.13.2 (02 Nov 2017)

  • Fix thread safety issue in breadcrumbs API
  • Allow setting device ID in report to null
  • When notifying of NSError, use the code and domain as the default context
  • Fix for wrong report context in some unhandled errors

5.13.1 (26 Oct 2017)

  • Additional method prefixing
  • Prevent possible memory leak in connectivity check

5.13.0 (12 Oct 2017)

  • Update podspec iOS version to 8.0
  • Updated example apps to Swift 4
  • Report error message for Swift's fatalError, preconditionFailure, assertionFailure, and assert.

5.12.1 (04 Oct 2017)

  • Fix duplicate symbols in KSCrash when Sentry library included in project

5.12.0 (02 Oct 2017)

  • Fix fatalError not producing crash report
  • Update library's calculation of stack frame depth
  • Reduced build warning count
  • Track difference between handled and unhandled exceptions #164 Jamie Lynch

5.11.2 (15 Sep 2017)

  • Fixed wrong tag in Cocoapods spec

5.11.1 (14 Sep 2017)

  • Fixed issue with header file visibility

5.11.0 (14 Sep 2017)

  • Update example apps to use Swift 3 syntax
  • Discard duplicate automatic breadcrumbs recording orientation changes
  • Map NSNotification keys in breadcrumbs into more human-readable strings
  • Attempt to send reports stored on disk when connection regained
  • Forked KSCrash library
  • Improve performance in Bugsnag.notifyError Eric Denman

5.10.1 (08 Jun 2017)

Bug fixes

  • Fix warning generated by checking for existence of a property guaranteed when deployment target is iOS 8.0+ Scott Berrevoets #147

5.10.0 (22 May 2017)


  • Sanitize attached metadata to remove objects which cannot be serialized as JSON directly, logging during removal
  • Make breadcrumb functionality available for background operations

Bug fixes

  • Lower effective deployment targets from iOS 8 and OS X 10.10 to iOS6 and OS X 10.8

5.9.0 (08 May 2017)


  • Adds methods to BugsnagCrashReport for appending metadata, simplifying making the most common changes from a callback block #145

Bug fixes

  • Fix linking failure when using Bugsnag with Carthage on tvOS #139

5.8.0 (21 Apr 2017)

This release downgrades the dependent KSCrash version to 1.8.13, reverting the change to the signature of KSCrashReportWriter.addJSONElement() in 5.7.0. This change only affects users setting a custom onCrash handler to be executed at crash time.


  • Increases the number of crash reports stored on disk before cycling
  • Make logging configurable by setting BSG_LOG_LEVEL. Default is BSG_LOGLEVEL_INFO, and available values include WARN and ERR variants.

Bug fixes

  • Fixes deadlock which can occur when repeatedly calling notify #143
  • Fixes periodic issue where no report is captured at all
  • Fixes issue where a report written at crash time cannot be deserialized from disk at send time.

5.7.0 (30 Jan 2017)

This release updates the dependent KSCrash version to 1.11.2, which changes the signature of KSCrashReportWriter.addJSONElement() to include whether to close the JSON container.


  • Add support for customizing the NSURLSession used when sending error reports to Bugsnag #127

5.6.5 (7 Nov 2016)

Bug fixes

  • Fix assignment of beforeSendBlocks to incorrect property name Spike Brehm #125

5.6.4 (7 Nov 2016)


  • Expose app, appState, device, deviceState, and error to crash report callback blocks

5.6.3 (21 Oct 2016)

Bug fixes

  • Fix autoNotify: Disabling unhandled exception capturing only sends user-reported exceptions via Bugsnag.notify()

5.6.2 (10 Oct 2016)

Bug fixes

  • Update imports to be compatible with KSCrash 1.8.8+
  • Lock KSCrash dependency to 1.8.13 to reduce instability

5.6.1 (05 Oct 2016)


  • Include thread type in payload to match new payload specification

5.6.0 (26 Sep 2016)


  • Add support for attaching a custom stacktrace to an error report
  • Upgrade required version of KSCrash

5.5.0 (14 Sep 2016)


  • Add "Require Only App-Extension-Safe API" flag for iOS App Extension support
  • Send requests via NSURLSession by default

5.4.2 (17 Aug 2016)

Bug fixes

  • Fix a condition where bug reports would be sent multiple times

5.4.1 (27 Jul 2016)

Bug fixes

  • Fix breadcrumb type for table events
  • Add error message and severity to error breadcrumbs
  • Make breadcrumbs accessible from background queues

5.4.0 (22 Jul 2016)


  • Add support for automated breadcrumb collection for common events and the new breadcrumbs API #112

  • Add support for Apple TV #113

  • Add ability to customize error reports via notify:block #110

  • Add support for sending reports for NSError instances via notifyError: and notifyError:block: #110

  • Add crash time to the "Device" tab of error reports #110

5.3.0 (15 Jul 2016)

Bug fixes

  • Fix intermittent crashes via NSZombie detection being enabled by default #111 KSCrash#160

5.2.1 (16 June 2016)

Add Carthage support

5.2.0 (2 June 2016)

Bug Fixes

  • Catch JSON (de)serialization exceptions thrown from NSJSONSerialization


  • Add nullability annotations
  • Remove logging when no reports were sent


Bug Fixes

  • Fix build failure when building with frameworks #101


  • Add support for iOS Application Extensions #100


Bug Fixes

  • Fix typo in updated payload date format. Should instead use RFC 3339 format


Bug Fixes

  • Fix header issue when linking to Bugsnag via CocoaPods from within another pod #98 #99


This release includes an upgrade to KSCrash 1.0.0, as well support for running alongside other KSCrash-dependent libraries. Crash handling for heap corruption and link register overwriting has also been improved.

NOTE: The minimum supported iOS and OS X versions have been updated to 6.0 and 10.8 respectively.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for occasional crash when logging from a failed network request #67

  • Fix conflict when used alongside other KSCrash-dependent libraries #41 #52 #72 #91 #94

  • Fix for failed crash reports being deleted instead of resent #76


  • Bitcode support #78

  • Include breadcrumbs in uncaught exception reports #78 #86

  • Include severity in uncaught exception reports #86

  • Add pre- and post-crash hooks, for modifying or rejecting crash reports #17 #47 #34 #88

  • Swift demangling support #70 #96


  • Breadcrumbs support.
  • Send notifications with current configuration rather than that in the report.


  • Protect against nil named exceptions


  • Reduce deployment target to 4.3
  • Catch less crashes on OSX


  • Fix compilation on arm64 under Unity


  • Uncaught exceptions in OSX are now marked as warnings


  • Fix buffer over-read in JSON parser


  • Build OSX framework as part of release


  • In dealloc remove notifier from notifications


  • Make metaData access thread-safe


  • Fix warning while compiling KSCrash on OS X


  • Rewrite to use KSCrash as a solid foundation


  • Add [Bugsnag notify:withMetaData:atSeverity:] to public API


  • Prepare 'severity' feature for release


  • Package BugsnagReachability in package for reliability


  • Disable dsym uploading on iphonesimulator builds
  • Send better diagnostics with a better format


  • Remove Pods from repo.
  • Fix XCode5 Warnings.
  • Publicise the notifier method.


  • Complete rewrite to support symbolication.
  • Support iOS and OSX.