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Bugsnag error monitoring for rails, sinatra, rack and ruby
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Bugsnag exception reporter for Ruby

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The Bugsnag exception reporter for Ruby gives you instant notification of exceptions thrown from your Rails, Sinatra, Rack or plain Ruby app. Any uncaught exceptions will trigger a notification to be sent to your Bugsnag project.


  • Automatically report unhandled exceptions and crashes
  • Report handled exceptions
  • Attach user information to determine how many people are affected by a crash
  • Send customized diagnostic data
  • Track events that occur leading up to a crash

Getting started

  1. Create a Bugsnag account
  2. Complete the instructions in the integration guide for your framework:
  3. Relax!



All contributors are welcome! For information on how to build, test and release bugsnag-ruby, see our contributing guide. Feel free to comment on existing issues for clarification or starting points.


The Bugsnag ruby notifier is free software released under the MIT License. See LICENSE.txt for details.

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