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Upgrade Guide

5.x to 6.x

Our Ruby library has gone through some major improvements and there are a few changes required to use the new integrations

Capistrano and deploys

Support for notifying Bugsnag of deployments has been separated into a separate gem named bugsnag-capistrano. See the integration guide for more information.


  • Configuration.use_ssl has been removed. Include the preferred protocol in Configuration.endpoint instead.
      Bugsnag.configure do |config|
    -   config.use_ssl = true
    -   config.endpoint = ''
    +   config.endpoint = ''
  • Configuration.ignore_classes now no longer accepts strings. Use classes directly instead.
  • Configuration.delay_with_resque has been removed
  • Configuration.vendor_paths has been removed
  • Configuration.params_filters has been renamed to Configuration.meta_data_filters to be clearer
  • Configuration.proxy_host will now default to ENV['http_proxy'] if set. It can still be manually set.


  • notify now only supports block syntax. Replace usage of the overrides hash with a block

    - Bugsnag.notify(e, {severity: 'info'})
    + Bugsnag.notify(e) do |report|
    +   report.severity = 'info'
    + end
  • Bugsnag.notify_or_ignore and Bugsnag.auto_notify have been removed. Call notify directly instead.

  • after_notify_callbacks has been removed

  • Bugsnag::Notification has been renamed to Bugsnag::Report


  • config.debug boolean has been removed. Set the logger level directly

    + require 'logger'
      Bugsnag.configure do |config|
        # .. set API key and other properties
    -   config.debug = true
    +   config.logger.level = Logger::DEBUG
  • Log accessor functions on the Bugsnag object no longer exist. Logging must now be accessed through the configuration object:

    - Bugsnag.log "Log message"
    - Bugsnag.warn "Warn message"
    - Bugsnag.debug "Debug message"
    + "Info message"
    + Bugsnag.configuration.logger.warn "Warn message"
    + Bugsnag.configuration.logger.debug "Debug message"