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Xbox SmartGlass for Magic Mirror
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The Xbox SmartGlass For Magic Mirror


  • Default Style:

  • Mini Style:


cd ~/Magicmirror/modules
git clone
cd MMM-Xbox
npm install


    module: "MMM-Xbox",
    position: "top_center",
    config: {
		  autohide: false, // auto hide when inactive
		  mini: false, // mini display style
		  debug: false, // debug
		  ip: "", // ip adress of the xbox
		  xboxlivelogin: "", // xbox live login
		  xboxlivepassword: "" // xbox live password

Setting up the Xbox

The plugin needs to be allowed to connect to your Xbox. To allow this make sure you set the setting to allow anonymous connections in Settings -> Devices -> Connections.

Notification Sent:

  • XBOX_ACTIVE : the console is on-line
  • XBOX_INACTIVE : the console is off-line
  • XBOX_NAME : Current name Game / Application

Notification Received:

  • XBOX_ON : turn on the console
  • XBOX_OFF : turn off the console

TelegramBot Commands

  • /turnon : Wake up the xbox
  • /turnoff : Shutdown the xbox

Change Log


  • Rewrite README
  • Cleaning Code
  • delete script and new npm install script for dependencies
  • Correct translation Fr/En file


  • Cleaning Code
  • Detect power state still really buggy ... try another script.
  • Add Mini display Style
  • Autodetect Xbox LiveID and Xbox Name


  • Use Xbox Smartglass Node for check xbox power status, Rest server only when xbox power on


  • Initial Public Beta
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