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Humor Driven Development

I believe Happy will make the developer more productive.

Why we need HDD

If you are a software developer. You must know about TDD, Test-Driven Development. That will help you build a safe and bugless project.

Now the project is bugless, but the developer is not. So we need to make yourself more "healthy."

What is HDD

HDD is an attitude. You can use it everywhere you want.

How to HDD

When you are developing

Moving your seat far away from the PM or Boss, as far as you can.

By the way. Having your favorite drink on your desk is more helpful.

Writing test case

Please don't use "foo" or "bar." Using other words!

Naming variable or function

Don't use p1, v1, v2 as a variable. Please make it more friendly.

Naming everything you will use in developing

For example. "Gandalf" for CI system, "Houston" for your manager, "C4" for your computer.

If there's an error and you have no idea what happened

Just change something and see any difference.

When CI build success

High five with a colleague next to you.

When CI build failed

Gandalf: "You should not PASS !!"

When reviewing PR and it's good

Give it an emoji and say "well done."

When reviewing PR and it's bad

Please don't just leave "WTF" and close it.

You can use emoji to show your feeling (like Trollface) and say "Nice job" but still close it.

When pair programming

Forcing your colleague who uses sublimeText or VScode to pair with you by vim.

When releasing the major version but you find a bug.

"Houston, we have a problem."

When you hate someone in your office

Just help them update to Windows 10.

One more thing ...

Special thanks

All my colleague, thanks to their patient with me.


😆 Humor driven development.






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