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Nevergreen is a build monitor with attitude. Continually deliver via fast clear feedback.

  • Your builds should always be green. Nevergreen understands this and only shows you projects that have failed or are building
  • Nevergreen uses your local browser to store configuration. You only need to run it once to host different build monitors for every team
  • Nevergreen is fully responsive, it'll look just as good full screen or sharing the space with other dashboards
  • You can track as many CI servers as you like, allowing you to easily track dependent builds from other teams

Example Monitor page

Example Monitor page on tablet

Example Monitor page on mobile

Example Tracking page

How do I start monitoring my builds?

You can use hosted Nevergreen at or run Nevergreen locally.

Once loaded:

  1. Add the URL of your CCTray XML feed on the Tracking page
  2. Head to the Monitor page to see their current status!

How can I find my CCTray XML feed URL?

More information about how to get the CCTray XML feed for your CI server can be found on the official CCTray XML website.

How can I get more help?

How can I fix a bug / add a feature / contribute?

You can run Nevergreen from source using the ./ script. For more detailed information about running from source please see the contributing section of the wiki.

Please help us out by submitting a PR with any changes. We also keep a list of bugs / improvements / features using GitHub issues, if you're looking for some inspiration.

You can also help us out by taking this short usage survey, thanks!


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