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Landing page for the Guidr web application. Includes introductory home page, About page, and call to action links leading to frontend log in and registration pages.

Built August 2019 - Aleesha Wood & Craig Paiva.

Landing Page Note:

  • Middle 'Document' section is set up in html so there are 2 different HTML structures based on screen size. In CSS, displays are set to none for resolutions where mobile and tablet breakpoints take effect, and vice versa for larger screen sizes. This is the reason for the doubling of the 'Document' section.

Other Components of This Project

Team Members

Role Name / LinkedIn Twitter Github
iOS Unit 1 Dev Jessie Griffin ThreeDayStory
iOS Unit 1 Dev Ife Banire IfeBan
iOS Unit 2 Dev Stephanie Bowles sbowl001
Web UI Dev Aleesha Wood @aleeshamw aleeshaw
Web UI Dev Craig Paiva craiglpaiva
Frontend Dev Zach Taylor zbtaylor
Frontend Dev Colby Howell colbyhowell
UX Design Taketa Joi Stewart n/a
Project Lead Michael Redig @mredig mredig

Deployed via Netlify

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