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FrontEnd React App - Jonas Walden, Kory Newton, Gill Abada
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Front-end - Build week 2 React module

What this app does:

This app is the Pokemon Master's Pokedex for 2019... maybe even 2020! It is a front end for an API with over 800 Pokemon and their stats. Our app even lets users search for specific Pokemon and compare them with a few simple clicks.

Tech stack

1. React
2. Redux
3. Axios
4. Thunk
5. React-Router
6. Styled-Components
7. React-Hooks
8. Proptypes
9. React-loader-spinner
10. Tokens

Getting started

1. Clone the respository
2. Run yarn install in the pokemon directory
3. Run yarn start in the pokemon directory
4. Sign up
5. Login
6. Catch Pokemon
7. Profit

Who built this magic?

Jonas Walden:
Kory Newton:
Gill Abada:

Where can I see more from this team?
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